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When Big Tech tried to shut down the free speech platform Parler.com John Matze had other ideas! They tried to do the same with Gab.com... last year. But John Matze is telling he will be back online very soon, certainly within a week!

When you are told you have to use Facebook and Twitter that's when you know something is not quite right! When freedom of choice is not an option, when you are banned or shadow-banned for having your say or simply left in the dark relying on a narrative you totally disagree with. Mainstream Media and Social Media don't share and report the news. They trade in it and manipulate it like a commodity ! and when their lies become the new truth! and people start to believe the narrative! God help us all

Thank God for free speech platforms! like Parler.com Gab and new sites being set up by Billionaires as we speak! You can bet your bottom dollar that President Trump will become a Media Mogul in the coming years, because he likes to win and never gives up. Its just a new strategy for him! I think we will see a new party emerging!

I think that is a given considering the way he has been treated by the GOP and of course the depraved fake Mainstream Media and Social Media

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