Joe Biden is a Pedophile

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You say you support free speech? Well here it is, you voted for a pedophile. You voted for him to protect your own wallet. You might not have known or if you did you didn't give a crap. That is the explaining you have to do. Find one normal dude that has been caught on camera over and over again putting his hands all over random kids like him that ain't a weirdo. You can't because there ain't one. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is a name you should only know if you're an inmate, working in law enforcement, or reading a sex offender registry, but thanks to voters like you, fake votes and the inaction of others he is the one scheduled to be in charge of pardoning pedos and vetoing any bill that might make it harder for guys like him to do what gets them off. That is the truth and its just the tip of the iceberg and saying so is why god fearing American patriots keep getting booted off social media.

Watch the video and tell me that you are not creeped the hell out by the old man with the touchy fingers that zeroes in on the young girls caressing their hair, kissing them, and fondling what would be their breasts if they were old enough to have any. Tell me this does not creep you out. If it don't then there is something wrong with you. You are either like him or you are turning a blind eye like his other enablers that care more about themselves than our children. They are the reason law abiding tax payers have had enough. They are the reasons why patriots tried their best to stop the steal. They are communists that want to redistribute our wealth to themselves and destroy our culture with their cultural Marxism. We must secure the existence of our culture and a future for our children before we have nothing left to give them. That is why we are fighting back.

Joe Biden Can't Keep His Hand Off Young Girls

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Well, this isn't exactly what I expected, but you have a right to your opinion and your opinion is welcome here as well as your Qanon conspiracy theories.

I must admit after watching that video I was a little weirded out.