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Tuesday October 27, 2020
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Post Almost Anything finally has a partially completed offline form that posts new records to the database. That is the good news. The bad news is that we still need to make that form capable of uploading images before we can put the form online for you to use. We should have that part finished shortly. After that we will add a form for editing existing reports.

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This is a logo we whipped up real quick using one of those online logo generators. We chose it because we felt it represented the global nature of our service and is relatively simple. We think it is good enough for now until we think of something better.

Post Almost Anything Logo
Post Almost Anything Logo

Today we enabled comment editing. Users that are logged are served a link at the bottom of each of their comments that says "Edit Your Comment" when they click on it they are taken to a form where they can edit their comment, add an image, replace any image already added, or deactivate their comment. Deactivated comments are removed from public view.

Next we will build a form for editing posts. We would have done that already but there have been some issues with handling the multiple image feature. We expect to have the form finished shortly.