Linux VPS with Less Than 1GB of RAM Can't Use cPanel

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If you plan on using cPanel watch out for any Linux VPS hosting packages that do not come with at least 1GB of RAM. I learned this lesson the hard way when I bought OpenVZ VPS Plan A from Koddos.Net and ordered cPanel for an additional $22. Not only did this not come with cPanel installed but when I tried to install it via control panel in the client area it did not work. After opening a support ticket I got this answer:

"Hello, auto-install of cPanel did not work due to: 2019-09-08 18:37:04 622 19640 (ERROR): cPanel, L.L.C. requires a minimum of 768 MB of RAM for your operating system.

2019-09-08 18:37:04 623 19640 (FATAL): Increase the server's total amount of RAM, and then reinstall cPanel & WHM. Please check this page:"

As a result I bought another 1GB of RAM for $18 a month and I was up to about $50 a month in fees. Had I just bought Plan B I would have gotten the RAM I needed with hosting for $17.99 and my total with cPanel would have been about $40. So, if you want to give them a shot you must purchase at least Plan B. This comes to my gripe that if cPanel needs more than Plan A offers then they should not offer to sell cPanel to people purchasing Plan A.

The main reason I quit using Koddos was not due to this memory issue. It was poor support of cPanel, I will admit that my lack of experience in Linux environments also played a large role here. If I were more experienced I may have been able to install cPanel via SSH after adding the new RAM without reinstalling the OS.

After four days I still could not use the VPS because despite purchasing new RAM and re-installing the operating system I could not install cPanel. I thought when I ordered it that it came with cPanel but Koddos says I just paid for a cPanel license. After the operating system was re-installed I could not login to the root using my old password or after changing the root password in the Koddos control panel. I also could not install cPanel using the Koddos control panel because even though it appears to have a one click install, that one click did not work. Out of time I cancelled and signed up with a new host. Only after I cancelled did they offer to set all this up themselves.

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I will hold off on rating them until I see how they handle the refund request.

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I got a full refund! So they are at least safe to try.

Like I said my own inexperience may have been a factor. The last response I got from them recommended their Managed VPS. I was hoping that I could use an un-managed with a good control panel, but I couldn't even get it installed.

I have since signed up with a different host that says their setup includes the cPanel install at no extra cost, so hopefully that works out. Plus it is a little cheaper.