Battlefield V Glitch: Change Appearance Changes All

Posted on 09/07/2019

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I love Battlefield V even though it drives me nuts sometimes with bugs that make no sense and are really annoying. For instance this week I noticed that if I change the appearance of one Axis infantry class it changes all the rest unless one of them is an elite character. This is very annoying for someone that likes to dress a certain way on the Battlefield. A way that tells other players that I am better than them because I have unlocked better clothes and even if that does not make me a better player at least I look like a better player so that if I get owned I can just hit the reset button and act like I am better again.

Now I can only look better one way and that sucks. Damn you DICE and Electronic Arts!

Battlefield V Character Customization Options

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Posted on 09/07/2019

I could never give a game with so many bugs five stars but nothing beats the realism of Battlefield games for me. There is just no going back to other games where you can't destroy every building on the map realistically. Games where some chicken shit sniper shoots at you and ducks behind a wall next to a window in a house forcing you to go after him or wait and hope to catch him the next time he sticks his head in the window. In real life you could just use an explosive to blow up the wall and the sniper and in Battlefield you can do that.

Posted on 09/07/2019

This glitch impacts allied classes too.