I Like Remote-Com, But Did They Block a Legit Website?

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This article was originally about an experience I was having in which I could not connect to the FTP or email severs of a website I was once banned from operating. The problem has been resolved it appears as I can now access both of those servers and the website at its proper address. I complained by using articles detailing the complaint and contacting the company with requests to resolve the issue within 24 hours and it was resolved in that time frame.

Remote-Com denies being behind the blocks but I don't care because I am not blocked anymore. Assuming the block was not because of them they responded well by helping me possibly rule out the source of the problem and if they were behind the blocks they fixed the problem promptly.

I just hope that they still want to do business with me because their monitoring software has been really easy to work with.

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I'll give them 4/5 stars because everything they do appears to be in line with what they advertise and they have responded promptly to complaints. Still I don't feel like giving a fifth star due to my lingering suspicions and the fact that I don't like having to pay $30 a month per device. I feel like that is a hurdle for people fresh out of jail/prison trying to get on their feet again. I also dislike the monitoring process in general because in my case I feel that monitoring is inappropriate and they are a cog in the wheel sort of speak.