Syrian Police Firing Live Rounds at Unarmed Civilians

Posted on 09/13/2011

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Damascus, Syria, West Asia

Syrian police loyal to President Bashar al-Assad opened fire on unarmed civilians protesting against al-Assad’s brutal police state which has murdered hundreds of its own people since March. The demonstrations were inspired by the successful peaceful revolution in Egypt and the uprising in Libya, but al-Assad seems willing to do anything to hold onto power.

The video embedded below was filmed by an amateur photographer and uploaded by the Arabic news agency Ugarit News. It begins with the camera man approaching a police line with some other protesters until the police opened fire on them with live ammunition. The police are dresses in camouflage, so they could be Syrian soldiers. We posted this in police rants instead of military because al-Assad uses his army to perform police duties and his police are known to wear fatigues, so they could easily be either doing bad police work.

Its footage like this that makes the international community suspect the Syrian government of committing crimes against humanity. This is just one incident on the worst ongoing cases of police brutality ever known.

Syrian Police Firing on Protesters

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Posted on 09/13/2011

When adding a category for police to a rant and rave forum it is important to point out what serious police misconduct really looks like. People should look at incidents like this one when thinking about just how out of line any officer(s) who they are angry with really was. Were they rude when giving you a speeding ticket or did they try to shoot you dead just for walking down the street? The two scenarios differ drastically and while the latter is certainly horrible abuse that needs to be exposed the former needs to be complained about carefully.

Posted on 10/24/2021

Sounds like the next wave or DHS riot cops.