TEST AD: 19th Century Colonial White House Foreclosure Sale

Price: $250,000,000.00 US Dollars Total
Bedrooms: 132 Baths: 35
Size: 55000 Square Feet
Amenities: Tennis Court , Bowling Alley , Movie Theater , Jogging Track , Swimming Pool , Putting Green , Nuclear Fallout Shelter , Secret Underground Escape Tunnel
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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, District of Columbia, United States

This gorgeous 19th century colonial white house can be yours for the first time ever after nearly 200 years of exclusive ownership. The property was recently seized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after its owners failed to pay off a multi-billion dollar debt to the Chinese Communist Party. Available now at a price that is $42.5 million below its market value its a would be drop in the bucket debt reduction deal that could be yours today and forever.

Check out our video below for a full tour of the property.

BUYER BEWARE: The structure suffered significant fire damage in 1814.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT A REAL ADVERTISEMENT. The White House is not for sale and the current tenants will still be living there until January of 2013 when the family breadwinner is predicted to lose his job due to a bad economy. We don't work in real estate, so we are using famous public buildings to test out the housing section of the site.

White House Tour - Nat Geo 1hr +