Dr. Ruth's Guide to Talking About Herpes

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World famous sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer uses her years of wisdom to help you talk about Herpes. She believes that at least 60 million Americans have Herpes so she went around interviewing people about it to tackle common problems when talking about Herpes. She talks about Herpes support groups, what kinds of Herpes you can get, but most importantly she talks about how to tell your potential lover that you have Herpes or how to break the news that you just found out that you have Herpes.

Following Dr. Ruth's advice on honest disclosure of your Herpes status to your potential lover is key to keeping them safe, maintaining at the very least a friendship, and prevent them from uploading your picture to a website created by a guy whose ex-girlfriend failed to tell him about it until it was too late for the purpose of warning others and is now typing a description of a Herpes book by Dr. Ruth about how to tell people that you have Herpes.