Legal Disclaimers

PostAlmostAnything.com contains a collection of information including original content, content created by end users, syndicated content from other websites, third party advertising, and Content with Conflicting Commercial Interest. This section contains a disclaimer for each type of content so that you can analyze it in the proper context and avoid forming any misleading impressions.

Legal Disclaimer - User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC - Definition

Material published using PostAlmostAnything.com and comments made in response to such material in which the user name of the publisher is not "PostAlmostAnything.com " is created entirely by end users with the exception of test accounts and mystery accounts. User generated content (UGC) is the sole creation of the user who created it. In order to use PostAlmostAnything.com's publishing service users must agree to the Terms of Use (TOU). The TOU is a contract between the end user and PostAlmostAnything.com in which the end user agrees to assume full legal responsibility for content published by them through the service.

Test accounts are created for the purpose of testing site features, mystery accounts are created for the purpose of gauging user behavior, and some accounts are used for both. By default PostAlmostAnything.com does not disclose the identity of test accounts or mystery accounts for any reason whatsoever to protect trade secrets. PostAlmostAnything.com may at its own free will elect to disclose data involving test accounts or mystery accounts at any time if deemed necessary to protect the overall quality of the service. Due to the nature of test accounts and mystery accounts all material not produced by the "PostAlmostAnything.com " account should be considered UGC unless otherwise stated.

UCG - Pitfalls

It is possible for UGC to be inaccurate or otherwise objectionable for reasons including, but not necessarily limited to a fabrication by the publisher, inaccurate sources used by the publisher, or a change in real world factors that have rendered the publication out of date. Since false and misleading statements are possible PostAlmostAnything.com does not assert that any information published by end users is accurate in any way other than being an accurate representation of data as it exists in a database. This means that every report is a 100% true and genuine representation of a combination of strings consisting of alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters as they exists in at any given time in columns grouped by row numbers. This does not mean that the characters are arranged in a manner that represents any true facts, only that the user arranged them in the way that they appear.

Legal Disclaimer - Content Created by PostAlmostAnything.com

PostAlmostAnything.com is responsible for all static content on this website. Static content is content not derived from our database. Pages consisting solely of static content include the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Legal Disclaimers (this page), Contact Us, Sign Up Form, Members Only Dashboard, and Password Recovery pages. Other pages including the Home Page, individual Member Profiles, and all PostAlmostAnything.com classified advertising sections as well as comments posted there contain a combination of static and dynamic content. Dynamic content is content derived from a database that consists of a combination of user generated content (UGC) and content produced by PostAlmostAnything.com . Content produced by PostAlmostAnything.com is either pure opinion, based on published sources, or opinion based on published sources. PostAlmostAnything.com does not assert that information gathered from any published source is in fact true or that opinions based on published sources accurately reflect any true facts. We simply claim that information was published and that we reached conclusions based on it. The original authors of external sources are responsible for the validity of their work.

Legal Disclaimer - Syndicated Content

PostAlmostAnything.com may at times elect to display syndicated content from Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds belonging to other websites. PostAlmostAnything.com does not control the content of third party RSS feeds. Those websites are solely responsible for the content of their feeds.

Legal Disclaimer - Third Party Advertising

PostAlmostAnything.com features banner, text, and other advertising. The content of these ads and pages that they link to is determined by companies that serve as an intermediary between PostAlmostAnything.com and companies whose ads appear on PostAlmostAnything.com . We do not control the content of these advertisements and are not responsible for them unless the ad was placed by us as a direct sale in which case we are not responsible for the content of pages that users are directed to by such ads.

Legal Disclaimer - Content with Conflicting Commercial Interests

PostAlmostAnything.com contains content posted for which the authors have conflicting commercial interests because they will get paid when purchases are made. The exact nature of compensation varies from case to case and may contain any combination of direct sales revenue, commission, free goods or services, and advertising revenue from linked sites. Examples of content posted for which a conflicting commercial interest may exist include everything posted in Shopping and Services because those sections exist for the purpose of promoting commercial interests. Commercial interests may also be found in Housing (ex: Apartments for rent posted by the renter), Jobs (ex: Job openings posted by someone beside the potential employer who will be paid if you are hired), Community (ex: Concerts advertised by people paid to promote them), Personals (ex: Someone paid to post personal ads for people), and Rant & Rave (ex: Someone raving about their own business) in ways including, but not necessarily limited to the examples provided.

In many cases of conflicting commercial interest the advertisement will most likely contain a link or URL directing the user to a sales page or website containing pages where goods or services can be exchanged. Such advertisements may also include phone numbers or addresses where the advertiser can be contacted for the purpose of exchanging goods or services. To avoid becoming susceptible to scams, ripoffs, and other types of consumer fraud the user should always assume that a conflicting commercial interest exists when viewing content containing links, URLs, addresses, phone numbers, contact emails, or any other content that could be of economic value to someone at some level.

A good rule of thumb whenever looking at content on the internet is to ask yourself if you would ever publish such content and regardless of your answer ask yourself why would you ever publish such content. If your answer is to promote something then that is probably the motive of the author and you should make sure that the author is reliable before spending your money.