pays for sex

Posted on 03/30/2012

Sentiment: Positive
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Rant & Rave - Relationships - Ex-Boyfriends
San Francisco, California, United States

this dumb ass spends all his money on prostitutes and meth. he would work all week and have nothing to show for it. he posted a false profile about me, his x-girlfriend or actually his baby's mom. It's stupid cause he just dont realize how bad he screwed up and is in process of being sued for defamation of character/slander. along with the company he works for cause he used his work only phone in connection with a bogus e-mail to try to hide who he was so he wouldnt get caught violating the restraining order in affect. What a winner! NOT! When we were together he would jack off all the time and tell me he was doing it in his sleep. he has carpul tunnel from the jacking off so much. he hates my new man cause he herd how much BIGGER he was down stairs than he was. I have the best sex Now than i ever did with shane.

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