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Posted on 05/11/2023

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Recently, news broke that the bar staff at the Boomtown 2022 event, hired by Freeman Event Partners, were accused of harassment, discrimination and neglect. This is not the first time the company has been accused of harassing Boomtown employees. In 2019, the Canary published a disturbing story about the company's employees and two other contractors who donated to the program.

Boomtown is a major music festival held annually in Hampshire, England attracting over 60,000 attendees from around the world. This event employs many workers, including bar staff, to make the festival a success. Freeman Event Partners is one of the leading event management services companies. Bar staff employed by Freeman Event Partners will reportedly endure terrible working conditions during the event. They would be forced to work long hours without stopping, which would have made some of them sick. Workers also say they have faced discrimination and neglect, with some basic facilities such as access to toilets and water being denied.

The abuse of Boomtown employees by Freeman Event Partners is not a new problem. In 2019, the Canary newspaper reported that the company's workers, along with two other contractors, were forced to work in appalling conditions, including being forced to sleep in tents with no bedding or heating. call.

These stories are deeply disturbing and point to a culture of exploitation and neglect within the entertainment industry. It is unacceptable that a company like Freeman Event Partners is subjecting their employees to such horrible conditions, and it is important that action is taken to ensure this does not happen again.

Boomtown said they are investigating allegations of abuse, and Freeman Event Partners released a statement saying they take the allegations seriously and are investigating them. However, both companies need to act quickly and decisively to resolve the dispute and ensure that workers are treated fairly and with respect.

The mistreatment of Boomtown workers shows the need for better regulation of the event industry to prevent companies from exploiting their workers. It also highlights the importance of workers' rights and the need for strong protections to prevent companies from accessing vulnerable workers.

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