Posted on 04/19/2023

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Thursday March 02, 2023
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Buffalo, New York, United States

BEWARE OF SHAUNE HYLA !!! I was warned by her so called friend,

who told me that she will and was only using me for money. She has

no problem or issue throwing around the word Love to you, to get

what she wants. She use’s men to her ability, to get Her’s!! She will tell

you the sad life story that how rough she had it while she was with

her kid's dad. And knowing that, I let my guard down and gave her the

benefit of the doubt and took a chance anyways. I can go on and on

about SHAUNE and how her true colors finally came out, and who she

is as a person!! And this part of the message goes out to the guy’s

she’s dating now, if you think you’re the only one that will ever

receive nude pictures of her, think again! I have explicit pictures and

videos of her, so like I said, if you think you’re the only guy that’s ever

received them or will ever receive them. Not true!! SHAUNE is not

girlfriend material, as she’s definitely not wife material. And keep this

in the back your head or in your mind, I’m sure that you knew

SHAUNE was in a relationship, but she proved to you that she will

cheat and step out on a relationship to get what she wants. So she

not only proved to you that she’s a cheater!! But also, she’s a liar!!

And a home wrecker!! So when you sum it up, you both prove to each

other from the start and the get go. That you both are capable of

cheating on one another in time!! And finally, to sum it all up. There’s

two phrases, That goes very well and fits SHAUNE perfectly!! She is

the neighborhood bicycle, everyone has had a ride on it!! And the

second phrase, Shaune is like a public washing machine with lots of

loads put in it!! And when you’re out in public with your so-called

significant other, think about all the men or guys, you both may pass,

And her thinking to herself, d**n I remember that guy, I’ve been with

him too!!

Just to add to this post & warning about Shaune, in March of 2022, I

was diagnosed with and tested positive with a STD. Shaune was the

only one I was with during our supposedly time dating, & being

together. After finding out about her multiple other relationships, even

when she did admit to me in the month of September of 2022, that she

had been seeing others & multiple men other than myself. I know now,

that Shaune is and could be the only one I contracted STDs from. This

is just to warn anyone dating or involved with this person!! Be

careful!!! You have been warned.

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Posted on 08/28/2023

This woman is a homewrecker She met my husband online and pursued a relationship with him knowing he is married and has children She has STDs My husband now has herpes and warts FROM Shaune Hyla She resides at Hickory Hills apartments as i follewd her and my husband to her place. So she cant say she didnt homewreck my family I uploaded a photo of her and my husband making out on there date

shaune hyla
shaune hyla