Gaurav Bhatia Of Rare Billions On Sexual Misconduct

Posted on 03/19/2023

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Gaurav Bhatia Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations: The Need for Accountability and Justice

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of sexual misconduct in various industries, including entertainment, politics, and business. Unfortunately, this problem is not limited to any particular profession, and it is prevalent across the globe. The latest case in the news involves Gaurav Bhatia, who is facing sexual misconduct allegations. This situation highlights the need for accountability and justice when such allegations are made.

First and foremost, it is essential to acknowledge the seriousness of sexual misconduct allegations. Sexual harassment, assault, and abuse are all forms of violence that can cause physical, emotional, and psychological harm to victims. These actions are never acceptable, regardless of who commits them or under what circumstances.

The allegations include inappropriate touching and forcibly trying to kiss someone. The allegations were shared anonymously on the Instagram account ‘Scene and Herd’.

Bhatia’s profile, which is still on the auction house’s website, described him as the South Asia operations head and the driving force behind “Boundless: India”, Sotheby’s maiden auction in the country.

Bhatia, in a statement, said he had decided to move on from the company. “After two enriching years and the stellar opportunity to launch Sotheby’s inaugural auction in Mumbai, I have decided to move on,” PTI quoted him as saying. “It has been a pleasure working with the great team we have built, and I will enjoy watching them continue to build Sotheby’s future in India. I wish them the very best.”

As per reports, Gaurav Bhatia now works as Chief Marketing Officer at Rare Billions of Luxury & Lifestyle industry.

He was among the major names in the Indian art world against whom accusations of sexual harassment were made during the #MeToo movement. Artists Jatin Das, Riyas Komu and Subodh Gupta were some of the other.

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