The Devil Himself Kendrick D. BROWN
The Devil Himself Kendrick D. BROWN

Narcissistic Psychopath Kenny Brown

Posted on 03/05/2023

Story or Event Date:
Friday February 17, 2023
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Community - News - Crime
Dallas, Texas, United States

Kendrick Brown is a no good, sorry ass, slimy, disgusting, and pathetic piece of garbage. Truly the most despicable human God has dropped on this planet. He lies continually. He steals just about anything he lays eyes on. He is a man-whore cheating son of a bitch. He is manipulative, cruel, hateful, sadistic and vindictive. He has no morals at all. Just when you think there is no way he could be any sorrier or slimy, he manages to sink to a new low. He's currently locked up. He is a menace to society. They need to just throw away the key and keep this pig locked up for good.

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