James Bettles
James Bettles

James Bettles 925 IRVING ST APT 303 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94122

Posted on 07/02/2022

Age: 48 Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Ethnicity: Arab
Education: Master's Degree
Career Level: Experienced
Religion: Christianity
Political Views: Conservative
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Personals - General Dating - Single Men

James Bettles Is a known sex addict and sexual pervert. Enjoys the company of youbg boy prostitutes is also a serious Drug Addict. It seems he exhibits tendncies related to a Sociopath. Mr. James Bettles lives in his own world and is a compulsive and Pathological liar. He has been Exposed for a few years now but that will not stop him. James Bettles has also engaged in Prostitution from surfing backpage.

James Bettles is a Regsitered sex offender in upstate NY. He is also into Pornography and frequents on line Porno web sites for kicks. James Bettles Is very insecure and attempts to control young boys

by paying for sex.



396 LA CASA ST, EUGENE, 97402

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