Darlene Angela Kutchma

Posted on 04/11/2022

Broader Topic: Darlene Angela Kutchma
Sentiment: Negative
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Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Darlene Angela (Criminal) Kutchma or what ever you want to be called is nothing but a problem causing lying cunt. When the going gets tough, Darlene gets going! She always runs from all of her problems, and expects her financial problems to forget about themselves. This woman has done absolutely nothing with her life besides cost my family thousands and thousands dollars, and which she refuses to pay back anything! When the topic of money is brought up with her she immediately causes a scene and starts a fight. This Woman has stolen identities from people and has created credit card accounts underneath there name over the phone, and racked up horrendous amounts of debt on them. Then threatens to involve the police so she can attempt to run away from her financial issues. This woman is over 50, her credit is an absolute disaster, no bank or leasing agency will give her anything, and she has never able to ever hold a job with in her entire life! She brings her financial problems on other people because she is terrible with money, and has creditors continuously chasing her for years is why she is always forced to repeatedly to change her last name, and her mailing address to a P/O Box. She has accomplished nothing in her life besides having children with man that has down syndrome, and having other men financially raising her children, because she can not hold a job if her life depends on it. She is so insecure for no reason at all, she always reacts emotionally, childishly and dramatically, when you just want to have a logical civil discussion with her. She post lies about other people online claiming they have been together when she has been in a relationship with the same person for over 10 years. The years have definitely caught up with her as you can clearly see the age on her face aging more rapidly. Everyone Beware this Woman is a Criminal, and for what she has done to others for her own greed and childish behavior's, she deserves to spend the rest of her life behind bars with out medical treatments.

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