Rohit R Gandhe - Augmentor Labs

Posted on 03/18/2022

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Palo Alto
San Francisco, California, United States

Rohit R Gandhe of Palo Alto near San Francisco, California and “Augmentor Labs” is nothing but a scamming trick who uses naive women on the website seeking arrangements for fraud and scamming.

Rohit Gandhe rotates LLCs and names of his companies like he tries rotating naive girls to scam. Rohit Gandhe of Palo Alto rotates LLCs names constantly for fraudulent tax schemes like IRS fraud, government payouts and to mislead and trick women. Some are Mobius Technology Partners, Mobius Consulting Group (the newest one), Balance, Balance Group, Mobius Group. And wait, the newest one is @Augmentor Labs. Augmentor Labs? How many LLCs does the tiny little d i c k man go through? Rohit Gandhe isn’t very creative with his LLCs either Lololol! Rohit R Gandhe is such a scam!!

Rohit Gandhe claims to run a tech firm and has many ‘investors’ waiting to fund his company but those are also lies. Yeah right! He is a broke con artist. Rohit Gandhe lives in a sad little rental house in Palo Alto, and is NOT the wealthy tech company businessman he claims to be. Rohit Gandhe lives in a tiny little crappy rental with a wife and kids. I feel sorry for Rohit Gande’s wife.

Some of the Numbers Rohit Gandhe uses are 650-239-3497 and 408-500-8242 but he uses other burner and VoIP numbers too. Rohit Gandhe uses the profile names of “The Romancer” and “Quake” on the website seeking arrangements but Rohit Gande changes the name of his profile frequently due to his cruel scams.

Rohit Gandhe Puts his location in Mountain Biew, California but he is in Palo Alto. Please be safe girls because there are a few of us that Rohit Gandhe has conned and scammed.

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