Narcissistic Psychopath Kenny Brown

Posted on 02/19/2022

Broader Topic: Jerkwad piece of Shi+
Sentiment: Negative
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Rant & Rave - Relationships - Ex-Boyfriends
Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

Kendrick "Kenny" Brown of Dallas...is a malignant narcissist..the most dangerous kind. He doesn't care who he destroys to get what he wants. He is evil and malicious and vindictive...he was in prison for 3 years, which made him even more cold and heartless.. he lies more than he breathes, he steals, he is a cheater...he's a whore. He is abusive in all ways..emotionally, psychologically, financially, and physically.

He is a monster from hell. He is mentally unstable and will turn on you for no reason. He is not above extortion or blackmail...

He is a very dangerous person...nothing like you've ever seen before. Psychopath needs to be put in a padded room and left.

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