Duane Doherty Cheater
Duane Doherty Cheater

Duane Doherty carpenter, full time cheater

Posted on 01/18/2022

Age: 45 Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: None of Your Business
Ethnicity: White
Education: High School - GED
Career Level: High School Student
Religion: Other
Political Views: Other
Post # 7201 posted in:
Personals - General Dating - Single Men
Carmel and Hawthorne
Hudson Valley, New York, United States

Duane Doherty cheated, abused me physically emotionally and verbally. He pretends to be a nice normal guy. He pretends to be in a monogamous relationship with you, makes you do everything for him and his family, cheated and gave me STDs. He’s hiding what he is and it’s wrong. He hurts women. He lies about his past and his future plans and pretends to want a future with you. He makes promises of things he will do with you but they don’t happen. There’s a reason why he’s 45 and has never been married. He screamed at me all the time, insulted me, physically assaulted me, left bruises and cuts, called his mom who he’s living off of, sister crystal and both nieces cunts behind their backs. He will start out all nice and consistent. He hides it for a long time. He is not a good guy. Even his tenants saw the girls he cheated with. Don’t believe his lies and don’t let him hurt you. After cheating on me, physically assaulting me, all the times he abused me emotionally and verbally, I asked him on my birthday for a picture of the two of us for my birthday when he was living in my house, eating his meals at my house in my bed, expecting me to cater to his every need and he refused because he will always keep cheating. Find an honest man who doesn’t enjoy hurting women. Duane is in Carmel and Hawthorne. He will move to Florida eventually. His cousins live there. He is what he is. I wish I had known and wish I hadn’t trusted him.

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