A  Blocked out proof of this cheater!
A Blocked out proof of this cheater!

Steven L Wright of Harlem NYC Faithful?? NOT!

Posted on 01/05/2022

Sentiment: Negative
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met him through one of his alternative profiles. Based off of the messages and pictures this man has been cheating on his wife for over 20 years. She is a good woman who is actually doing good for the community and she deserves better. I tried to find her on FB but it seems that all of my attempts to connect with her to tell her the truth has failed. Her name is Pamela wright and she is on FB. Steven has been living a dual life by talking to women through his job as well as online. He has many anonymous profiles Spellbinderzee he also seems to have a massive s*x addiction and is addicted to p**n. Lets help her know the truth and spread the word. Good people deserve good people not demons for spouses!

Warning: This report was posted on CheatLand.com on 12/12/2021 08:37 AM

I hope this post reaches all that know Steven Lamar Wright of New York City Transit, but more so I hope this reaches his wife Pamela Wright sho also works for MTA. Please share the link on FaceBook with her and spread the word to stop this cheater in his tracks! She deserves better than a cheating Demon!!!

This is not shocking he has been cheating on every girlfriend he ever dated. He has numerous accounts and there are countless dick pics floating around online. Can someone please tell his poor wife Pamela Wright of Harlem MTA NYC that she needs to leave him she has a higher calling to serve and its not the Devil! He has drained her of her time and Love long enough. Pamela I am sorry but you chose the wrong one! I have been trying to tell you this for years almost decades here is your proof Pam!

#stevenlwright #pamelawrightharlem #mta #stevenlwrightcheater

This is all on the Complaintkong website

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