@Kenny_locz209, you are dating Peter Garcia that raped me

Posted on 01/02/2022

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Modesto California, Riverbank California
Modesto, California, United States

@Kenny_locz209 (Instagram handle) you are dating the twat that raped me.

Peter Garcia. Raped me when I was in the service. In my own fucking bed. I told him so many times to fucking leave. You need to go. You need to leave. And he just kept making excuses not to leave my room.

He will do everything to try to convince you he didn't or swear up and down he didn't, but I am telling you that he did. And that he ruined my life.

My husband is dead because of him. Yep. I told my husband about the rape and he killed himself within an hour of me telling him. I was then seperated from the Navy.

Leave while you can. leave because he's a damn rapist.

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