I'm Darren Ambler. victim of Delusional Schizophrenic Giunta

Posted on 12/23/2021

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Since I have been speaking out about DC & Philadelphia Dominatrix and prostitute Giunta "Mistress Lauren AKA BBW escort Symphony RavenClaw I have been getting bombarded with harassing emails - no doubt it's all her. .Keep in mind whatever you read about me, Darren Ambler and anyone ever associated with this girl is coming from the mind and mouth of a pathological lying, clinically diagnosed severely delusional paranoid schizophrenic. She was also diagnosed with borderline personality and was institutionalized at Norristown Psychiatric Hospital twice.

Here are some examples of her severe paranoid delusions: She has tried to blame her harassment of me on people I've never even met and also people that don't even exist at all whatsoever. She has created these bizarre fantasies about me with complete strangers that I do not know and never will and created false life events that have never happened to me and others. She believes various people do not exist, or, someone is pretending to be someone else, or someone is another person all together. One of many examples of this is why her brother won't speak to her anymore. She tried to have sex with him once because her severely delusional mentally ill brain thought her own brother was someone else. Her former customers she has wronged have been speaking out on her since the summer and she is trying to blame that on me as well. She is so severely disconnected from reality. She intentionally had other girls harmed (stalked, raped and robbed) by sex worker stalkers/serial rapists Brian and Jose Torres and laughs about it.

Tbh, I wouldn't have believed that those two men even existed if it came from her, but there were various public warnings issued about them on social media back back then. I would've thought it was all in her head. Yes, she's THAT crazy. I've been told that many girls had to move and change their names to get away from those guys because Giunta gave them all their personal info (names, addresses etc...) and told those men to go after them.

She is extremely malicious and sadistic on top of being disconnected from reality. Just look what she did to me. And I've done nothing wrong to that girl.

A person does not have to be a shrink to to see that she is obviously clinically insane by what she says and writes about me and other people.

On cyber bullying report.com she created a bogus "cyber stalking conference" that doesn't even exist. ALL of those accounts making comments about this fictitious conference are all her trying to make it appear legitimate. It doesn't exist. Just another way to try and trash my name again. Let this serve as a warning to all: if you're considering doing a session with "Mistress Lauren" or Gothic Escort Symphony RavenClaw consider yourself warned. And don't believe a word this clinically diagnosed, severely delusional paranoid schizophrenic prostitute says. I really hope she ends up back in Norristown Psychiatric hospital where she belongs.

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Posted on 12/23/2021

Tons of emails from her pretending to be "medical doctors"

Lauren stalking me Darren Ambler
Lauren stalking me Darren Ambler