Day Laborors Need More Community Support

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Friday January 27, 2012
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Findlay, Ohio
Findlay, Ohio, United States

Workers often get jobs, yet the quality of the work received is often undesirable. Ever so, many workers are so destitute for cash they accept nearly any work, and attempt to embrace the needs of emplowers to their capacity and abilities.

The community at large needs to embrace the workers with gifts of food, affordable housing, and cheap transporation. When the community gives these resources, the workers can enjoy greater security and joy in being alive. If communities continue to resent the presence of Day Labors at retail establishments, the workers will feel rejected and shunned, and contempt may result, yet many workers will continue to respectfully seek work as best they can.

Many such workers have rent to pay that can consume a large portion of their incomes. Ever greater for some workers, is medical bills, from hospitals and clinics, including some from injuries at job sites where the workers were either too scared to file for worker's comp, or lacked the skill with English and writing to fill, or simply are terrified of being deported for filing.

In short, workers will need more community assistance services, not because the workers are needy and incompetient, but because the workers often accept the worse jobs under the worse employment terms and conditions, for the benefit of the community, through work output as production, taxes generated, and by helping keep the economic system from a total failure and collapse.

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President Obama's work rule

I no like this rule, however it seems from what I read about these no fault non citizens is that they are very much pro U.S.A.

Put as many of those folks to work as Border Guards as possible. Can rotate the schedule. Maybe six months on an six months off. These folks would able to protect their employment from future illegal occupants taking their jobs and tax money.


Additional thought.

No Human deserves to be mistreated. That includes me.

This is how citizens get some skin skin the game. Illegal occupants boycott the U.S.A. and leave never to come back, as illegals, until the U.S.A. submits to their demands. We will just have to get along without the goods and services provided by said illegals. If we have to plant our own vegetable gardens, so be it.

The U.S.A. is not deserving of the goods and services illegal occupants offer.