No Limit List Supports SOPA Strike & Wikipedia Blackout

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No Limit List fully supports the SOPA Strike and sites including Wikipedia and Criagslist that are blacking out their services as I type to protest what could be a grave injustice if the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) were to become law. SOPA and PIPA together form the greatest threat to freedom that America has faced since the Soviet Union.

SOPA and PIPA go beyond just stopping the theft of music and movies to threatening innocent service providers with financial sanctions enforced by making it illegal to do business with websites whose users upload copyrighted works with or without the knowledge of the webmaster. This means that if SOPA and PIPA were to pass the simple act of uploading a copyrighted image could put us out of business if we failed to delegate otherwise unneeded human resources to removing it within 5 days. It would also make it impossible to access this site in the United States under such circumstances due to a requirement for ISPs to block service to all associated DNS servers.

In addition we support the No Limit List mystery member NoLamar who has started a group called People for the Removal of Lamar Seeligson Smith because we believe that even thought the group's position on removing Lamar by soliciting negative information to compel his resignation, impeachment, or condemnation of the bill is a bit timid they still have the right idea. If it were up to us we would remove Congressman Smith as soon as humanly possible by any means necessary to send a message that no member of Congress, the Senate, or any other branch of the government should ever feel safe voting for let alone sponsoring legislation like SOPA or PIPA without facing a full retaliatory response from the American people.