To Catch a Predator by Chris Hansen From Dateline NBC

Posted on 01/07/2012

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Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC has made himself a household name by confronting creeps caught on camera trying to have sex with kids they meet on the internet. Now he has written a book named after his show "To Catch a Predator" to help educate parents on how to prevent their kids from falling victim to the men you are about to meet.

The looks on the faces if men of all ages says it all when Chris comes out of nowhere telling them to put down the wine coolers and take a seat. "What are you doing here?" he always asks before being told about their non sexual interests in mentoring children, looking for new friends, or in some cases running out of the house as fast as possible just to get arrested outside.

Those who stay to chat are confronted with transcripts of their efforts to blank undercover investigators posing as kids. Realizing they are screwed some of the guys admit to being mentally ill while others stick to their story as Chris goes into graphic detail about their fantasies of blanking underage kids in the blank while they blank their blank.

Finally when Chris thinks that there is nothing else he can get out of them he says "I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC and we are doing a special on men who try to meet kids online for sex" before asking them if they have anything else they have to say and telling them that they are free to leave. Sometimes they try to cover their faces just in case there are hidden cameras, but usually they walk out gingerly before getting taken down by the police.

To Catch a Predator Half Episode

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