Safe Eyes Parental Monitoring Software

Posted on 01/07/2012

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Take your kids computers back from internet sex predators and monitor their activities to shield their eyes from sinful content with Safe Eyes. Safe Eyes give you total control over the websites your kids can visit, but also goes beyond standard dangerous site blacklisting with filters that detect and block foul language from reaching virgin ears. Speaking of virginity do you know what your daughter is up to right now? She probably told you that she went to a friends house to study for a test when really she is exploring her sexuality with a convicted sex offender in the back of a van down by the river, but you'll never know because Safe Eyes was not there to record her online chats and alert you to sexually suggestive conversations.

Safe Eyes also includes timing controls that when used correctly in conjunction with regular exercise can play a critical role in reducing the risk of heart disease in adolescent males by assuring that your son doesn't spend his teen years getting fat playing World of Warcraft and eating hot pockets. If Safe Eyes does not help you get your fat kid off his computer in 30 days send it back for a full refund.

Safe Eyes features include:

- Social network monitoring.

- Chat monitoring.

- Timing controls.

- Explicit video screening.

- Foul language filtering.

- Instant alerts.

- 30 day money back guarantee.

Optional mobile app available for IPhone.

Safe Eyes Commercial

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