Sex Offender Registry Neighborhood Predator Alert System

Price: $4.95 US Dollars Per Month
Service Hours: 24/7 Online
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Are you surrounded by predatory sex offenders? Find out instantly with the Megan's Law Sex Offender Registry Neighborhood Predator Alert System that will show you the number and more importantly the locations of convicted sex offenders in your area the second you type in your zip code. More than just a registry compiled from government records listing societies most sick and twisted members this alert system goes above and beyond with a service that alerts you instantly each time a new predator moves into your area.

At just under $5 a month it is a must have for parents who check their email enough to appreciate a red alert every time their neighborhood becomes more dangerous due to a new pedophile moving in down the street or worse, next door. Its a small price to pay for protecting your children from psychotic trenchcoat wearing rapists with nothing but your kids on their minds and a cocktail of hardcore drugs in their veins.

Studies have shown time and again that predatory sex offenders are the hardest criminals to rehabilitate, even more so than heroin addicts because they have a mental disorder that drives them. For that reason it is important to understand that no matter how human they may appear not to let your guard down and always remember that sex offenders are out there. They cannot be bargained with. They cannot be reasoned with. They do not show pity, or remorse, or fear, and they absolutely will not stop, ever, until they get what they crave.

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