No Limit List Corporate Advocacy Program Up and Running

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Tuesday January 04, 2011
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Portland, Oregon, United States

The No Limit List Corporate Advocacy Program (NLLCAP) is finally fully operational following several delays. Now what originally began as a basic idea for offering premium reputation management services on this site is now a comprehensive service designed for non-profit organizations, government organizations, and private individuals as well. The final service also includes a number of other websites all of which support NLLCAP as a search engine optimization program on top of their own site specific policies for content removal.

To better assist NLLCAP customers this official CorporateAdvocacy user account has been created and will be used to communicate with NLLCAP clients. Approved NLLCAP applicants will receive confirmation of their approval from this account using the private messaging system which automatically sends No Limit List members email notifications whenever they have a new message or a reply has been made to one of their messages.

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