How to Find You Tube Permalink URLs

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Tuesday December 20, 2011
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You Tube videos are some of the easiest to embed. Typically all you need to do is copy and paste the uniform resource locator (URL) from your browser into the video URL text box when creating or editing a post. If you are watching a video as part of a playlist, channel, or while managing your own videos there may be additional characters in the URL that could make the browser copy and paste method ineffective.

To make sure you are using the permalink URL always use the URL located below the video description on the upper right hand side of the page. This is clearly identified as "URL" and located directly above what You Tube wants you to use for embedding their videos that is labeled "EMBED".

DO NOT USE YOU TUBE'S EMBED CODE! Instead just use the URL and our code will do the rest. This method not only makes the video fit our dimensions, but eliminates many annoying tags and links that You Tube includes with their code. See the area of the image on this page circled in green.

Video Embedded From You Tube Using a Permalink URL