Darren Ambler here. Asking 4 help - my psycho stalker Lauren Giunta

Posted on 12/21/2021

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I am Darren Ambler an online harassment campaign victim of (multiple times diagnosed) severe paranoid schizophrenic and borderline personality

"Mistress Lauren" AKA the BBW Analingus Escort "Symphony Ravenclaw" real name Lauren Giunta. I spoke to two of her exes and confirmed: she has been hospitalized for her severe mental illnesses in the past and she refuses to take her medication.

As you can see she has been stalking and harassing me for years. She is severely disturbed and extremely delusional.

And it doesn't take a psychiatrist to see that she has these disorders by reading all she puts up.

She's only getting worse. She's endangering myself and my kids. The restraining order I placed against her was returned in the mail back to my attorney who says she must have moved.

I need to know the whereabouts of this highly unstable psychotic individual. Mostly likely she's remained in the Germantown area as she's told me several times she prefers that area since it's a "safe and all white neighborhood" and "(the whitest part of the city"- her words )

If anyone happens to know where in Gtown she moved to PLEASE email me at Darrenamblernj@gmail.com so that I am aware and I can get this RO to her. Thank you!

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