Gap Factory: Backordered Pants Advertised as Cheapest

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400 Gap Boulevard, Gallatin
Nashville, Tennessee, United States

The Gap Factory website seems to advertise a great deal on one pair of pants, but doesn't make it clear that those pants are on backorder and probably will not be shipped to you for 7-8 weeks. This author found that out recently when I stumbled on the Gap Factory outlet website and couldn't believe my eyes when I noticed soft black colored khakis on sale for just $9.97 a pair. A shockingly low price considering the next cheapest pair of men's pants available on that website were $39.99. It doesn't take a lot of poking around on the Gap Factory website to learn the real reason why those pants are so cheap. They offer free shipping for any order over $50, so to really get a deal on those pants without having to pay twice as much with shipping included you need to spend at least $41 more. Since many items are priced at $39.99 that means you'll probably have to buy 2 additional items. Despite that you'll likely remain a happy customer until you've received everything you ordered except the cheap pants. Then you'll lookup your order online to find that you'll have to wait at least a month for them just to ship the damn things.

Shocktober Sale

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