McAfee Total Protection Deletes Emails with No Warning

Posted on 10/04/2011

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McAfee Total Protection 2012 deletes emails from you Microsoft Outlook inbox by default without sending them to your junk mail, spam, or deleted folders in some cases. I found this out the hard way when trying to reset my password for a website I was recently using. I found out by checking my messages, seeing the message appear in my inbox, and then seeing it disappear.

To make matters worse my subscription had expired and I had chosen better network security software to use instead. As a result I could just bring up a McAfee menu to grant permission to that domain for sending me email because I got a notice to buy it instead. I had to uninstall my expired McAfee to get it to work. Now that my password is reset I can only imagine how many email I did not get. Getting rid of spam is one thing, but important messages is another.

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