Charlie Powell Pedophile Director Liverpool Supporter M41 Manchester

Posted on 09/03/2021

Age: 40 Gender: Hermaphrodite
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Ethnicity: White
Education: None
Career Level: Other
Religion: None of Your Business
Political Views: Feminist
Likes: Pedophile
Dislikes: Pedophile
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m41 salford
Manchester, United Kingdom, Europe

Charles Powell mens health cover star has been jailed for two and a half years for pedophilia after spending the night with a 12-year-old girl.

He messaged a friend to boast: ”Mine was decent. Nailed that bird, unreal bod” – and also described her as ”filth”.

Charlie Powell (an real estate agent & ex army captain) from Ketton, Stamford Lincolnshire who now lives in Manchester filmed her on his mobile phone as she wore a body stocking and sent it to a friend, Manchester Crown Court heard.

He also pleasured himself while the girl looked on.

Sentencing Powell, Judge David Stockton QC told him: ”(The victim) was by reason of her age highly vulnerable to exploitation and she was no doubt impressed by you.

”This is most serious offending as you now fully appreciate. The effects on a child of such a young age of offending of this sort are really well too known and well too documented.

Under the law there is no defence of mistaken reasonable belief in age when a sex offence complainant is under 13.

After Charles Powell and the girl met on the dating app they exchanged a series of messages on WhatsApp.

She would often go missing from home and her mum had taken to sleeping downstairs in their home to stop her from slipping out.

However, when it got to 8.30pm, on the night of the incident, her mum realised she was missing.

Charles Powell took a video and three photos of the girl while at his flat, the court was told.

Charles Powell pleaded guilty at earlier hearings to causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, distributing an indecent photograph of a child and making indecent photographs of a child.

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Posted on 09/03/2021

Mens Health Model Pedophile Manchester M41 Salford