Mistress Lauren helped stalker rapist Jose Torres
Mistress Lauren helped stalker rapist Jose Torres

Lauren Giunta helped Stalker Rapist Joey The Player

Posted on 07/21/2021

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This is a heads up about PSYCHOTIC LYING Philadelphia Dominatrix & scam artist Mistress Lauren (Lauren Giunta) She's done so many horrid things. To her own customers and of course to other Mistresses in NYC, NJ and Philly. She caused serious drama  with the Philadelphia Dominatrix scene big time with her psychotic bullshit, her LIES and her spiteful jealousy.

She treats her business as a dating scene and gets romantically and sexually involved with her customers which is a big frowned upon "No No" I am told. Even the married ones! I know this as I'm an unfortunate victim as she tried to steal my husband who used to session with her.  So, these guys would  dump her and then she'd go on a vindictive psycho bitch streak and try to ruin their lives.  Brian Nesmith, Darren Ambler, James Stockton, Tim Lease are just a few examples of men whose lives she's ruined. And these guys are only a small example of her huge trail of victims. 

Turns out this manipulative, jealous, catty, LYING, big nosed, home wrecker intentionally wrecked up the businesses and lives of other women only because they were beautiful and successful. Two things she could never be. 

She defamed and trash talked them online, made up crazy false stories, LIES and B.S. rumors to spread about them,  and she gossips like crazy and spills details about their personal lives to customers and anyone who will listen. And she would also reach out to their customers to try to steal them away.  And of course try and date them. Gross.

She even "outted" these sex workers to their families and to their corporate "day job" employers and blame all of this on innocent people.  She also "outted" a trans woman to her super conservative religious family ruining her life.

But here comes the worst part. This is so horrendously horrible.  There was an extremely dangerous predator who was terrorizing tons of sex workers a few years ago.   Jose Torres. AKA "Joey the Player"  he called himself and you can look him up and see about his arrest. Jose and his crazy friend started screwing with tons of these ladies with making fake bad reviews,  online and phone call harassment but then they eventually upped it to in real life stalking and assault. 

You can verify all of this by looking up online the arrest of Jose Torres AKA "Joey The Player" . There was a federal manhunt for him eventually. He was arrested in 2019 by the FBI and Dept of Homeland Security. (His accomplice however is still free is my understanding.)

Guess "Mistress" Lauren Giunta decided the mad  crazy drama she was causing just wasn't enough back then. She reached out to Jose and gave him the real names and home addresses of her "competition". Yes, she risked the safety of numerous women who had done nothing to her but simply exist.

Several of these women had to change their legal names and even move to dodge this crazy violent man all because of what she had done. And at least one was assaulted & hospitalized because of her. I have talked to so many of these poor ladies she's victimized.

SO messed up.

  So it looks like her main "cash cow" client finally left her and is  exposing her for all of her lies and all the pain and drama she's caused and all of the marriages and lives shes ruined. GOOD! Go back to driving for Lyft, Uber  and InstaCart you bat shit crazy loser.

Since her cash cow ditched her she's now hitting up my husband again in email like a desperate mad woman hoping to entice him to roam or scam him for money according to these messages. So low class!

So heads up Philadelphia and Washington DC:  BEWARE of the LYING. PSYCHOPATH home wrecking deranged "Mistress"  Lauren Giunta.

She'll try to ruin your marriage and possibly your  life. 

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