Peter Garcia Garcia is a cheater and a rapist and dating Fatima Ibarra

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Well I'm not sure how else to go about this so maybe someday someone will see this.

Peter Garcia Garcia is a fucking rapist.

I told him to leave several times. SEVERAL TIMES I TOLD HIM TO LEAVE my room. And he didn't and forced himself in me. After reporting him not NCIS they did nothing. After I told my husband I was raped, my husband committed suicide an hour after I told him.

This man ruined my fucking life and nothing can be done about it. I don't know what else I can possibly do.

I told his girlfriend he cheated on her with three different women (which he did). But she's still with him. She won't leave the relationship. She doesn't know about the rape but at this point it's pointless to tell her because I don't think she'll listen to me or ever leave.

Peter Garcia Garcia is located in ventura county in california. He is currently attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4 (NMCB4 4). He is dating Fatima Ibarra, I am not entirely sure but I believe she moved to Oxnard, California to move in with that rapist. Fatima ibarra and Peter Garcia Garcia are both from riverbank california and went to riverbank high school. Maybe his classmates will see this. Maybe his co workers in the Navy will see this. Maybe his future employers will see this. Maybe Fatima will see this. I just want the world to know he's a fucking rapist.

Fatima if you ever see this. Peter is a fucking rapist. You should've just left when I told you all the times the dumbass cheated on you.

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