Possible COVID Carrier in Portland

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Portland, Oregon, United States

While waiting for my appointment today, a red Toyota Camry with license plate 644DKD pulled up. A woman opened the front door of the clinic, but did not enter. She complained saying "you can't keep me on hold forever." Then she went back to her car. Some time later a staff member went out covered in a gown with gloves and a face shield. She swabbed her mouth and came back in. I later asked a staff member if that was a COVID test and was told that it was, but they would not tell me the results.

I could tell that it was a COVID test because the front door of the clinic has a sign telling people with COVID symptoms not to enter. Had the incompetent receptionist not kept her on hold she would not have entered. I now fear to exit the place because the door might be contaminated.

I have been dissatisfied with the staff member who kept the woman on hold recently.

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