Joe Porter of Mt. Greenwood Chicago is mentallyill
Joe Porter of Mt. Greenwood Chicago is mentallyill

Joseph Porter, son of Ed and Liz Porter b 1980 is a stalker predator

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Chicago, Illinois, United States

We are posting this as a public service. This man is a mentally disturbed stalker/predator. He is functional enough to present as a somewhat normal incel-white dude but then he goes home and sends violent threats to people about how he wants to mutilate them, or how he read a post on a random site online and assumed it was a love letter meant for him, written by the people he later plans to stab/kill. He has done this to multiple people and we have extensive evidence to prove it. THIS IS REAL, this IS HIM, if this is his family reading this thinking this is all fake or some joke it is NOT. Your relative Joe is not who you think he is. OR, you just ignore these kinds of things. Well if you keep ignoring this, someday this man will hurt someone. This is a warning and this man's last chance to stop sending threats to my family and others. He is committing multiple felonies and making people feel unsafe. Anyone else who has been harassed by this man please contact us at generalbox2020@mail.com To his family - please get your son help.

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we are collecting more evidence against him, if he is harassing you please send screenshots to generalbox2020@mail.com


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he uses the email transporter319@yahoo.com we have tried everything to get him to stop harassing our family this is our last resort

joe porter chicago
joe porter chicago

I just want to find love someone help me I am a nice person women have been rejecting me all my life it is not fair someone needs to be assigned to me

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This poster is stalking and harassing my this man on many shady websites such as this. They will be served in the next few weeks as we are bringing a civil lawsuit against them for their continued and unceasing pattern of online harassment of my family.

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LOL. Nobody is harassing your family. Joe Porter has been literally sending death threats and unwanted emails for years, along with violent threats to several people - can you not read these screen shots? "your man" needs a new medication or to be put in a mental hospital. Putting out warnings so other people don't involve themselves with this crazy angry person who is has been cyberstalking and sending out violent threats is simply publishing the truth to help keep other people safe. We even have recordings of his voice, leaving voicemails on women's parents' answering machines. He is mentally ILL. Nobody in his life seems to care about him enough to do anything so we have simply tried to reach out to more people. Sorry if we DON'T want him turning people into swiss cheese or mutilating them with his knives. If your first reaction is to blame those calling him out on this behavior - wow that is some bad parenting/family dynamics. No wonder he is so messed up.

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also - this behavior of sending these types of psycho emails to people is absolutely unacceptable. They have been re-posted and shared many times on social media and amongst Chicago cultural/music/arts circles to warn people to stay away from him. If people/friends, and friends of friends have been appalled by the types of threats and weird emails Joe has been sending out, and then they decided to shit-talk him online -- not our problem. Many people have been effected by his cyberstalking/threats, and/or are disgusted by how he has been treating others. Actions have consequences. Maybe Joe should have thought twice before writing so much fucked up, violent, nasty, and threatening shit and inflicting it upon other people.

If you file a "civil lawsuit" we will counter with a lawsuit for the continued and unceasing pattern of online harassment, death threats, violent emails, etc towards our party/parties. Posting FACTS about Joe Porter online to warn people about him is not grounds for a lawsuit. It's not libel/slander if the information is factual. You will lose. We have a lot of documentation against him that are real communications from a traceable email address belonging to Joseph Porter. He has:

✔️ Engaged in a course of conduct that causes the target to fear for his or her safety or the safety of third person

✔️ Engaged in a course of conduct that causes the target to suffer emotional distress

✔️ Harassed the target by making a threat or placing the target or a family member in reasonable apprehension of immediate or future bodily harm, sexual assault, or confinement

Trying to warn others that he has done these things is not "harassment."

These accusations are entirely false, and these emails are completely fabricated, and this is solely the work of a bitterly scorned woman named Nicole Chambers. Nicole and her associates have been gang-stalking and harassing and trolling me for more than a decade. She dedicated a music festival to me as well as countless songs and albums she and her friends wrote despite never meeting me. She has gone on to write upwards of 5,000 unrequited personal ads seeking me out and these disgusting lying posts are a direct result of me shunning her endless and unwanted advances towards me. She is mentally ill and had a breakdown about 2-3 years ago evidenced by her ceaseless posting about Ophelia as well as a post made by her friend referencing her hospitalization. Her associates and musical collaborators include a proud pedophile and a mixed bag of deviant scum. Part I

She has been repeatedly posting these sick lies about me on multiple websites, all of which besides these posts on this fucking horrible fly-by-night scammer website have been taken down by moderators because they are patently false and slanderous. This woman even had the indecency to post these made-up accusations on the website of the death notice of my recently deceased mother which shows her illness as well as her total lack of decency and her classlessness all the while hiding behind her anonymity like the true coward she really is. Nicole is the one who needs extreme mental health intervention, and I will not suffer these lies continuing to be posted about me and my next course of action is pursuing a restraining order against my crazy stalker Nicole as well as litigation against this scum-sucking website. Part II

Please end your fixation with me, Nicole. I want and have never wanted anything to do with you and it is wrong that you drag my name through the mud just because I rejected you. Please seek treatment for your mental illness and leave me alone. Part III

-Joseph Porter

"dedicated a music festival to me as well as countless songs and albums she and her friends wrote despite never meeting me"

this page is by far the most entertaining thing on this website lol.

I am eager to know how you can tell when songs are written for you

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Possible Statement of Joe Porter
Possible Statement of Joe Porter