Ericka Denise Frank
Ericka Denise Frank

Ericka Denise Frank like a door knob ery one get a turn

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Sentiment: Negative
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4204 Maplewood ct.
Mobile, Alabama , United States

Ericka Denise Frank 3 baby daddies & counting she ugly old sick looking azz dark extra crispy bad built no azz not even plastic surgery could bring you back .Go grow a azz & quit hating on your cousin cause she look better you nasty filthy scamming old people cursed for life f'ing needle using meth addicts .Go be with your needling using bf the whole city know nd laughing at you go see yourself on snitchesofmobile on ig also .R.i.p to your other baby daddy Larry who gone be next so keep up this ,this the baddest video game ever watch nd see

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