Search Social Profiles with Spokeo
Search Social Profiles with Spokeo

Is He or She Cheating on You? From Spokeo

Price: $0.95US Dollars Total
Service Hours: 24/7 Online
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Services - High Tech. - Online

This service from Spokeo should be interesting for anyone that wants to know what their significant other is doing online. Simply by clicking on the link above this description you are taken to a landing page where you can enter a user name or email address. After that Spokeo scans data they collected from social media sites to see what they can find. Then you are shown a sample of what was found and an option to see everything for just $.95.

A free 7 day trial is also included. You can cancel the trial any time. If you don't cancel the trial you will be billed $24.95 a month.

Shocktober Sale

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