Anderson Cooper Coming to Portland, Oregon

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Friday September 27, 2019
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1037 SW Broadway Ave
Portland, Oregon, United States

CNNs Anderson Cooper is coming to Portland, Oregon on September 27,2019 for a show at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Tickets are on sale now and you can even pay to meet and greet him for the incredibly low price of just $291.50. People that pay to meet them will get a handshake and a photo opportunity. Less than premium customers can still site in the audience and observe Anderson on stage talking about himself for as low as just $62.55.

This might sound to some like the deal of a lifetime, but it is real. You have not lost your grip on reality. It really is possible to meet Anderson Cooper in Portland, Oregon and tickets are on sale now. You can see just how short Anderson Cooper is in person and hear how someone so small has built such a big name. You can get so close that you could basque in the shadow of a taller man. Even if you don't pay to meet the man just going to "An Evening with Anderson Cooper" might be enough to make you happy without or even because you did not meet him up close.

Meeting Anderson Cooper for Free

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Wow, what a Ripoff! This really should be in Rants and Raves under business complaints. These poor people that shell out nearly $300 to meet him will be so disappointed. Sure they get to meet someone famous but they will regret it later. I nearly regretted meeting him and I made money off it. If I had not made money off meeting him I would have felt like an idiot for wasting my time just talking to him.