DayLabor.org Offers Advertising for Employment Services

Posted on 05/19/2011

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Portland, Oregon, United States

DayLabor.org offers a variety of online services designed to assist manual and skilled laborers find work. Those services include the ability to browse job openings posted by companies hiring, listings of employment services, and the ability to post a profile about yourself online for people to contact you.

The job search feature lets anyone hiring day laborers anywhere in the world advertise a job opening. Unlike other classified ad sites this feature allows you to create a permanent listing that will not be deleted just for being old, but it will be your job to take it down it is out of date.

The employment services section (this section) allows any employment agency or organization offering career services to post an ad for those services. Such services may include temporary agencies, labor centers, job search engines, and more.

The profile feature lets anyone who works as a manual or skilled laborer post a personal profile of themselves so that people can contact them. If you post a profile you can manage it like your Facebook page, but as an advertisement of what you have to offer those in need of your work.

Once finished DayLabor.org will be the most advanced online resource for day laborers.

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Posted on 07/24/2011

Testing the comment system so people can post comments about employment services.