Home Access HIV Test Kit

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Maria Stein
Lima, Ohio, United States

Test yourself for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in the comfort and security of your own home with the Home Access HIV-1 Home Testing Kit. This kit lets you collect a blood sample from you’re your finger with the pin prick of a needle just like diabetics have been testing their blood sugar for years. The only difference is that when you collect the sample you don’t have to do the testing yourself.

Just conveniently ship your blood via Fed Ex or U.S. Mail to a predetermined laboratory where trained scientists will conduct an analysis to determine if HIV is present. Your results should you choose to accept them will be given to you by the company if you contact them by phone and possess the secret code necessary to verify your identity and you will have the option of having a copy of the results mailed to you. Post results counseling can also be accessed by phone by using your top secret security code.