The History of Syphilis (Sex, Sin, and Science)

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Sex, sin, and science all tell the history of the spread of Syphilis until this tiny terror of nature was stopped by science. Science that finally satisfied the demand of society with antibiotics to treat a disease that if left unchecked can eat away at the brain causing psychosis and death not just for the carrier, but for the victims of the violence of Syphilis psychos.

Not just a threat to whores and desperate middle aged overweight men. Syphilis presented a clear and present danger to the national security of the United Stated during World War II as good time girls and Nazi spies threatened to sap and impurify the purity and essence of the natural fluids of the armed forces. Fortunately for later generations modern science would find a cure that if administered in time will prevent you from turning into a zombified psychotic and eating your family.