Cheating Boyfriend Caught In Vancouver

Posted on 06/30/2024

Broader Topic: Justin Smith
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Rant & Rave - Relationships - Ex-Boyfriends

When living in a big city seeing flyers and posters on poles is nothing all that unusual, but it’s certainly not everyday that you see a flyer of a cheating boyfriend pinned up on a pole along with all the usual flyers and posters.

However one day in March 2024 a cheating boyfriend alert flyer started to appear around Vancouver, you can see one of the flyers in the photo below, it was spotted in several locations around the city.

The flyer alleges that Justin Smith is a cheating boyfriend who had an affair with his married co-worker and that he is 45 years old and includes a photo.

We will leave it up to you to decide if he is a cheater or not.

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