Cheating Man In Vancouver
Cheating Man In Vancouver

Man Caught Cheating Shamed On Poster

Posted on 05/12/2024

Broader Topic: Cheating Men In Vancouver
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A poster spotted in downtown Vancouver has brought attention to a man named Justin Smith who is alleged to have been cheating. The poster, titled "Cheating Boyfriend Alert," features a photo of Justin Smith along with details accusing him of cheating on his partner and engaging in an affair with a married co-worker. According to the poster, Justin Smith is 45 years old and his phone number is also included.

This is a good reminder that if you cheat on a partner you never know if your cheating will be made public for all to see such as here. Why take the risk, just don't cheat. We have to say though that this is one of the more creative ways to let others know that a guy cheated, we find it quite amusing to be honest.

We hope that this cheater has learned his lesson and won't cheat in future relationships.

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