Steven Reichenberg - Washougal Dog Slut - Knotted
Steven Reichenberg - Washougal Dog Slut - Knotted

Steven Reichenberg Dog Sex Pictures

Posted on 05/11/2024

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Washougal, WA
Vancouver, Washington, United States

Steven Reichenberg wants to be exposed as a Dog Slut and fantasizes about it daily. Below is what he wrote on Quora.

It starts with a journey to a beastiality brothel that specializes in bondage as well as extreme humiliation and exposure. When I arrive, they take my clothes and strap me to a breeding bench and then lube me up. Once I’m strapped down they bring out a video recorder. Panicking I ask them what it’s for and they tell me it’s so I have a something to remember the trip by, and I calm down.

They bring out the first dog and let it sniff around. It mounts me abruptly and slams it’s cock inside of me and I’m in heaven. Pumping in and out, in and out, until he knotted me. The knot isn’t too big and he slips out after maybe a minute of pumping cum into me.

Then they ask me.. do you want another that size? Or do you want a big one? I reply saying that I want the big one, but they tell me no. I have to say it for the camera and tell me I’ll love watching it back so I say, “I want you to bring the biggest dog you have and let it fuck me as hard as it wants.” So they do..

He nearly splits me in half, but managed to get his knot it and I just about blow my load.

Things calm down and while I’m still tied up and knotted they take the camera down and start doing something on the computer. Meanwhile a beautiful woman comes in and starts sucking me while I’m still tied with the dog to distract me.

After a minute, the person with the computer goes, Alright it’s ready to post and shows me the computer. He has the video of my getting fucked by the dog along with my name, hometown, and all my info.. ready to be post on 10 different websites.

They tell me I have a choice. Keep myself from coming and they will delete it, or cum in the woman’s mouth and they will submit it.

She starts sucking harder and suddenly I’m spewing load after load in her mouth and I hear the distinct click of a mouse.

The video was uploaded.

Video Confession of Dog Slut Steven Reichenberg

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