Blake Matthew Bennett - Covington, Louisiana
Blake Matthew Bennett - Covington, Louisiana

Blake Matthew Bennett - Covington, Louisiana

Posted on 07/03/2023

Sentiment: Negative
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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Parents in the Covington and Northshore - St Tammany Parish area, please beware. There is a sicko online predator who is targeting underage teenagers.

Blake Matthew Bennett is a married 34 year old sexual predator living in Covington, Louisiana. This pervert cheats on his wife and likes to talk to underage girls online pretending to be a 13 yr old boy. When confronted about his multiple chat apps and fake social media accounts, he said it’s all just a misunderstanding and it’s his first time doing it. Blake Bennett claims he has since stopped, but we all know better. He is a creep who has begged girls for nudes on multiple occasions.

Blake Bennett is an angry person who is very racist and loves to say the “N” word on a daily basis. He likes to casually talk about how he wishes he could have black slaves and tries justifying it so it doesn’t sound so bad. Blake Matthew Bennett is narcissistic, racist and a deviant pervert.

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