Nicolas “Nic” Frachon

Posted on 02/18/2023

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Sentiment: Negative
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Beware of Nic Frachon from San Diego who is now wreaking havoc in Arizona. He is a habitual cheater with a dual personality. Nic has the wholesome nerd persona down to a T, which makes it harder to recognize his abuse. I know what you’re thinking.. how could this well spoken, articulate, sensitive, somewhat flamboyant guy be such a monster? I didn’t believe the warnings either, but it’s true. He will love bomb you to lure you in but destroy you with his lies and manipulation. His actions will even match his words to make you think what you have is serious. He’s destroyed every relationship he’s had because he is so insecure he needs multiple women and will never be satisfied. He will discard you when you catch on and move on to his next victim. This is why he goes after much younger women he can groom and manipulate. He needs years of therapy. He’s a sex addicted serial dater that cannot be alone. He will tell you all his past relationships ended due to “incompatibility” which really means he cheated. He’s a predator with no self control. He uses dating apps to find his victims. So save your time and energy for a REAL man. He’s even slept with an escort. RUN.

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