Peter James Bromfield - Tempe, Arizona
Peter James Bromfield - Tempe, Arizona

Peter James Bromfield

Posted on 12/31/2022

Broader Topic: Autistic
Sentiment: Negative
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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

This profile was taken from Jolynn at Bad Girl Reports who had stated this:

This Peter Bromfield fraud pretends to be autistic, but he doesn’t know what autism is. My son, Kaember is autistic. My name is Jolynn Graham Farr and my son, Kaember is a genius. This Peter Bromfield is a fake! He only pretends to know what my son knows. I’m not afraid to confront you, Peter, you imposter! I’ve seen your videos! You’re Haseeb2, on YouTube! You’re a fraud! I live in Tucson, at Elevate Apartments. Come on over, if you dare! My number is: (520) 409-1370. Don’t talk behind my back. Confront me to my face!

Peter James Bromfield of Tempe, Arizona is poor excuse of a man who talks a big load of shit, but he hides behind his computer, like a cowardly troll. This nigger is trash!

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